Women’s Tungsten Rings and Bands

Women’s Tungsten Rings and Bands

Women’s Tungsten ringsĀ and bands have been increasing in popularity over the past 5 years due to the strength, durability and lower price point over precious metals. In the past the tungsten metal has been popular with men. In specific men that worked with their hands in professions such as mechanics, construction or welding. The men that worked in these industries desired the metal for the scratch resistance and durability while the ring was getting beat up at work. Now, men of all professions purchase tungsten due to the endless style possibilities, uniqueness of the metal and it being economically friendly. Not only are retailers noticing more men purchase the rings but women as well. Women are making up approximately 25% of all tungsten ring purchases for themselves. With this in mind there are many styles that accommodate women which are listed below.

Regal Abalone Shell Inlay Statement Tungsten Rings:

Abalone Shell Tungsten Bands are ideal for women as it brings a delicate shell which is bright in color in with the durable tungsten. Abalone shell inlays have an array of colors consisting of blues, greens, grays and sometime a swirl of white. The inlay is protected on each side with tungsten and coated in a liquid crystal for durability. The rings are ideal for men and women and are commonly used as a unique wedding band.

Diamond or Gemstone Set Tungsten Wedding Bands:

Diamond set tungsten rings can be worn by both men and women. The diamond or gemstone is carefully set in a tungsten ring and protected by a bezel. Tungsten rings can have one stone or many depending on the specifications of the customer. Many can find exactly what they are looking for with in stock rings however if not many companies offer a customization option.

Celtic Claddagh Carbide Rings:

Celtic rings have always been popular with couples due to the symbolic meaning the rings hold. The symbols represent love, friendship, family and life all within the intricacy of a knotwork pattern or symbol. The Celtic rings are ideal to be worn as a fashion piece, engagement ring or wedding band for both men and women.

Whichever style is chosen it is important to purchase from reputable retailers with a lifetime warranty. A lifetime warranty will protect the buyer from any damage that may occur to the ring such as loss of finish, cracks or breakage. This will ensure that the small economically friendly investment made is protected for life.

women’s tungsten rings
Last Updated: June 14, 2017

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