Why tungsten wedding bands?

Why tungsten wedding bands?

Tungsten Wedding Bands make a perfect choice for Newlyweds.
When it comes to finding the right material for your ring, tungsten offers many advantages. Forever Metals uses superior tungsten powder in their tungsten wedding bands and this is far the most popular of all the materials sold by the company. About 5% is a combination of ceramic rings and tungsten rings, but for the most part tungsten offers the type of advantages that more people today are looking for in their jewelry.

What is Tungsten Carbide?
Tungsten carbide is a common reference to an engagement band that is polished on a permanent basis. This means that no additional polishing will be needed in order to keep the ring looking like new under normal circumstances. Of all the common materials that jewelers use to create rings, tungsten carbide is far the most durable. By itself, tungsten could easily shatter if it were dropped and will crack simply because of the hardness of the material makes it so brittle.

However, when combined with carbide the tungsten is not only more durable, but the positive attributes of its hardness start to really shine. The carbide also helps prevent scratching and the combination of the materials actually makes for an even harder ring. Tungsten carbide is twice as hard as steel and up to four times as hard as titanium. So tough and durable is tungsten carbide that it has been used in several different industries which include nozzles for rocket engines, cutting tools and mining machinery.

Advantages of Tungsten Carbide Rings
The formula that allows for tungsten carbide to exist is not only durable it is also quite beautiful and has become quite popular when it comes to creating all types of jewelry.

Permanent Finish: With many other types of materials, you are required to remove and replace your ring to protect the finish. Not so with tungsten carbide as it will keep its finish under normal circumstances as long as you wear the ring.

Nickel-Binder Alloy: Forever Metals uses a nickel-binder alloy instead of pure tungsten or cobalt-binder to create a number of advantages:

Will not cause burns, rashes or discoloration of the skin
No oxidation
Virtually Scratch resistant
The nickel-binder alloy helps set Forever Metals apart from many of their competitors as the use of this material makes the rings so resilient over time.

By combining traditional precious metals with tungsten carbide, Forever Metals has created unique jewelry that offers a lifetime of polish, texture and style that will capture the eye of all those who see it. The tungsten carbide wedding bands with precious metal inlays crafted from Platinum, Sterling Silver and Rose, White and Yellow Gold make a statement that few will ever forget.

The tungsten carbide will also maintain its original polish and keep it for a lifetime and the inlaid precious metals will actually age gracefully as they develop a more textured appearance that will be appreciated. It is the combination that has helped make tungsten carbide such an attractive metal for use in rings.

How Tungsten Rings are Made?
Each tungsten ring is hand crafted and undergoes a 30-stage precision grinding format overseen by professional craftspeople. Using diamond-embedded grinding tools, the craftspeople take their time in creating one remarkable piece of jewelry after another by using specially designed machinery.

The tungsten, carbide and nickel are all ground up into powder form, compressed and then forged together under high pressure using dyes. Then, the materials are fired in a furnace at 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit that is free of oxygen. The result is the materials are then formed into ring blanks that are virtually scratch proof as well as being nearly indestructible.

Using diamond abrasives along with poly crystalline diamond tooling, each ring is hand crafted to the point where the polish and shine are virtually permanent. A diamond compound with diamond tools are used to create the polishing effect that provides a luster than is permanent with the ring which is simply not possible with any other precious metal.

The final part of the process combines the inlays of palladium, gold or silver that is placed in a groove which has been grinded into the ring itself. The materials are then pressed or “swedged” into the groove under high pressure so that they will bond into the ring.

The end result is a ring made with tungsten carbide that offers plenty of style and comfort augmented by the incredible strength of the ring itself. When you consider that tungsten carbide is actually four times harder than titanium and nearly as hard as diamonds, you’ll know that this is a ring that will last for a very long time.

The Composition of Tungsten Carbide Used by Forever Metals
The rings are composed of 84% tungsten and 16% carbon and nickel with no cobalt used in the process. The skin does not react well to cobalt, so that material is not used in the rings made by Forever Metals.

The tungsten carbide offers maximum hardness that is remarkably strong and durable to the point where they will not bend under any circumstances. In fact, they will hold their shape and shine longer than any other type of ring material on the market today which is why they are called permanently polished rings. The overall hardness, durability and toughness makes tungsten carbide the perfect ring material that will hold its shine for a very long time to come.

That is why Forever Metals is very proud of its use of tungsten carbide which makes for rings that are virtually scratchproof. It is the overall quality of such rings that have made them quite popular for those who are looking for an excellent, long lasting option. However, it also must be noted that as hard as the rings are, they can be removed by a medical professional in case of an emergency using standard vice grip type locking pliers. This means that there is an element of safety incorporated into the rings themselves so they can be removed if need be.

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