Why choose tungsten rings

Many customers contact us asking the question on how tungsten is different from other metals including precious metals. The answer to us is clear. Tungsten carbide is the ultimate metal due to the design, durability and especially the low cost in comparison to gold and platinum. Below we have developed a side by side comparison to help you in answering any questions you may have pertaining to tungsten rings and the rest.  We hope this comparison proves to be useful when you are ready to purchase a wedding band.

Tungsten Gold Platinum Silver
Design Tough metal but designs have come a long way. Easily inlaid and carved in 2014. Easy to mould and design. Endless design possibilities. Easily plated and cleaned. Easy to mould and create designs. Vibrant white color. Endless design possibilities. Brilliant white color but can tarnish.

Durability Hardest metal – cannot bend. Virtually scratch resistant and vibrant shine. Durable but soft metal. Can scratch and bend easily. High maintenance metal. Durable metal that is stronger than gold. Platinum can scratch but can be buffed out. Silver can bend and scratch. Price shows quality. A high maintenance metal.

Cost in 2014 Avg cost $59 – $300 – USA vs Overseas $1200 per ounce – avg $399 and up for rings $1000 per ounce – avg $450 and up for rings $18.5- per ounce – avg $10 and up for rings

Last Updated: October 5, 2018

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