What is Tungsten Wedding Bands

What is Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten Wedding Bands offer everything that gold, silver and platinum can, only at a fraction of the cost.  Is a tungsten ring the right choice for you and/or your partner?  The team at Forever Metals is going to help educate you on this great metal.  Below we will be talking about the tungsten pros, the cons and what ring will be a great match for you.

What is Tungsten Carbide?

Tungsten Carbide is a chemical that contains equal parts of both tungsten and carbon.  This formula is specifically known as carbide.  Carbide in a simple form is a grey powder that is formed for use in machinery, tools or in our case – metal jewelry, specifically wedding rings, watches and bracelets.

Pure tungsten only can be extremely brittle and break almost as glass would.  When combined with carbide the metal becomes virtually indestructible.  The metal is incredibly resistant against signs of wear.  This originally made the metal extremely popular among those who worked with their hands, specifically in industries such as construction or carpentry.  Another important factor in the durability of tungsten is the resistance to scratching.   There is few things that can easily scratch tungsten – diamonds being one of them.

Tungsten Wedding Rings – PROS

Tungsten Rings are incredibly hard to scratch. In fact in the polished form a diamond is the only thing that can easily scratch the surface of the metal.  This make the metal appealing to those that work in industries where their ring may get roughed up such as in construction or machinery.
Tungsten Rings come in a variety of styles from classic to unique. In fact, the Forever Metals brand is a leader in the industry for both Celtic and Carved styles.
Tungsten Carbide is hypo-allergenic. Although there is a nickel binder in our rings the nickel allergy would need to be severe to have affect.  If you notice your ring finger become slightly red under your ring you make have a severe nickel allergy.
Tungsten is resistant to tarnishing. This will ensure a lifetime of beauty in your wedding band.
The price is usually affordable on all budgets. Even the highest quality tungsten rings are below the price of gold and platinum.

Tungsten Wedding Band – CONS

Tungsten is not sizable. Most companies will exchange for a better size however the metal itself cannot be altered in size.
Tungsten is slightly heavier in weight and thicker than most rings. Most do not find this to be a problem.  However, if a light weight ring is your thing you may want to consider titanium.
Men’s Tungsten Wedding Bands

Forever Metals Brand

Forever Metals prides the brand on carrying a unique selection of rings found only through the Forever Metals Website.  We carry a full line of rings from classic to unique.  We have a great selection of Celtic Rings to carved rings at the best deals.  Take a look through our website and never hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns or feedback on how to make our website better.  Thank you for your interest in Forever Metals.

Last Updated: February 22, 2018

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