What is Celtic Claddagh symbolism of rings?

What is Celtic Claddagh symbolism of rings?


Knot Work and Intricate Celtic and Claddagh Ring Designs
Wedding bands are no longer limited to style less options consisting of simple round bands in a polished finish. Many are now purchasing rings that distinguish individuality and specific style preferences. Forever Metals promises to deliver unique high quality jewelry that people want to wear in Celtic and Claddagh ring designs. We want our customers to have a stress free shopping experience that we promise will be far below your budget.

One of our popular styles include our Celtic ring collection. Forever Metals carries a large selection of Celtic Tungsten Rings that are desirable to both men and women. The Celtic knot pattern represent the symbolic nature of the person and the person wearing the ring can determine their symbolic nature. A knot work pattern consisting of two to three intertwining lines commonly represents the unity of two people together or even the representation of family. Regardless of the meaning many purchase Celtic tungsten rings to use as Engagement rings, wedding bands or even promise rings. The intricate design and symbolic nature makes the perfect forever piece for men and women to share.

Forever Metals manufactures many Celtic rings, but are not limited to the Celtic styles listed. In addition to our beautiful knot work patterns in many designs, shades and styles we also carry a large line of Claddagh rings, symbolic Trinity rings and several cross rings. If we don’t seem to carry the exact style you are looking for, please contact us as we may able to custom manufacture a ring per your specifications.

Tungsten Color Education
Standard Tungsten: A light steel grey metal shade that is very durable. The lustrous finish can be worn during all elements and is also very difficult to scratch. The standard tungsten shade is available in both a high polished and a satin, matte finish that is perfect for those that are seeking a more subdued look.

Black Tungsten Carbide: A black plating on the surface of a tungsten band. Black tungsten is very popular and also a fashion forward choice. Black tungsten is available in both a glossy finish and brushed finish which is devoid of shine.

Gold Tungsten: A gold shade, similar to 14k, that is plated to a tungsten band. The gold shade comes in two finishes, high polished and brushed. The brushed finish will have a slight shine to the surface however much less than the polished surface.

Forever Metals Will Deliver the Best
Forever Metals promises to deliver only the finest quality, United States manufactured tungsten wedding bands that will look beautiful for a lifetime to come. Each purchase ships within one business day and comes with a lifetime warranty that will protect our customer from any cracks or breakage that could occur over time. Shop with Confidence when choosing Forever Metals.

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Forever Metals is a premium quality tungsten rings seller. Forever Metals started in 2005 and now has become a global supplier of tungsten rings with over 600+ best tungsten ring designs in stock.


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