Wedding Bands for Men

Wedding Bands for Men

Wedding bands for men is a comparatively recent trend as way back in history, men were considered to be the owners of their wives and hence did not find it necessary to wear any symbols of marriage. Actually it was during the Second World War that men’s wedding rings became popular because men considered it to be fashionable to wear them to remember their dear wives back home. With the modern liberated thinking, the use of wedding rings has increased significantly all over the world. Men all over the world wear wedding bands to celebrate the love of their lives. Usually the wedding ring is worn at all times.

When purchasing a men’s wedding ring, it is best to choose a metal that is both practical and lends itself well to design. Durability, intended wear etc all have an impact on the choice of metal for a wedding ring. However, the most popular choices of metal for a wedding band for male shoppers are given below:

Gold Men’s Wedding Rings:
Like all other items of jewelry, even for men’s wedding bands, gold is the popular choice. Being a soft metal, gold is prone to getting scratched and discolored, especially for those who intend to wear the ring daily, and use their hands frequently. However, with a great diversity of stylish designs to choose from gold remains a favorite for male wedding bands buyers everywhere.

Platinum Men’s Bands:
In recent years, Platinum has become a favorite metal for men’s wedding bands designs, as it is a more tough and durable metal. Most jewellery grades Platinum as 90% pure, and with its unique density has a stunning appearance. Platinum wedding bands are much more expensive than gold.

Titanium Rings:
Titanium has also become popular for men’s wedding rings, and is preferred for its strength and relative lightweight. Many men choose the robust silver-colored metal for their wedding rings for practical as well as style reasons. For those who do physical labor or have intense hobbies, Titanium is the ideal choice for a wedding band as it can take the stress put on the hands.

Tungsten Wedding Bands:
Tungsten has become very popular in recent years for wedding bands, as it represents a solid, hard wearing choice and for its low maintenance. Tungsten is a very tough and sturdy metal and does not get scratched and dull with age, and maintains much of its character and color over the years Rings made with Tungsten are heavy, and this makes it more comfortable for male wearers. Male wedding bands made of Tungsten, Titanium are more suitable to take the stress of the daily routine, as they are hard metals. These metals are used in their pure form which renders them hypoallergenic and will not set off any allergic skin reactions.

In ancient times the Egyptians and Romans believed that a vein from the fourth finger went directly to the heart, and made their women wear the wedding band on the fourth finger which came to be acknowledged as the ring finger. Since then both men and women wear the wedding ring on the fourth finger believing in the romantic notion of linking it directly to the heart.

Wedding Bands for Men
Last Updated: January 17, 2018

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