Wedding Bands and Fashion Rings

Wedding Bands and Fashion Rings

Tungsten carbide rings are wedding bands and fashion rings that represent forever by the virtually indestructible nature of the metal. The forever luster against a high polished or brushed finish will be sure to accommodate even the pickiest of shoppers.

The technology for manufacturing tungsten carbide rings is vastly evolving to the creation of more unique carbide metal ring styles. Carved tungsten carbide rings have entered the market being manufacturing by a limited number of companies. Originally carbide rings were simple, yet classic styles featuring high polished dome and flat wedding band styles.

Most of these rings also featured a comfort fit which made wearing a band more comfortable for both men and women. Classic tungsten ring styles soon developed into lasered engraved styles and then adding a more unique black and gold zirconium plated tungsten ring to reach even a broader market.

Carved tungsten rings have taken the tungsten metal to a new level by creating deep grooves in the rings. The deeper grooves take the place of laser engraving which, at times, can be slightly light colored on the metal. Carved ring styles stand out creating a deep statement. The ring styles can be manufactured for both men and women.

Celtic ring designs make ideal carved tungsten rings due to the deep symbolic meaning behind the design. Celtic rings typically represent love, happiness and life which also symbolically defines marriage. Purchasing carved knot work Celtic rings with these designs will certainly ensure that your ring will remain beautiful forever.

Wedding Bands and Fashion Rings
Last Updated: February 8, 2018

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