Unique Wedding Bands with Inlays For Men and Women

Unique Wedding Bands with Inlays For Men and Women

Tungsten rings and wedding bands are rings that can hold up to any environment. The metal is tough, durable and virtually scratch resistant in the polished form. Tungsten rings have been increasing in popularity over the years with both men and women due to the metals great properties and low prices. Below is a description of some tungsten ring inlays that seem to be popular and unique to be worn as fashion rings, unique rings and wedding bands.

Tungsten Rings with Abalone Shell Inlays: Abalone Shell is a popular shell used to inlay into tungsten rings. The Abalone shell is unique and beautiful featuring many swirling colors consisting of blues, greens, purples, greys and at times even a pearlescent color. The inlays are vibrant and eye-catching and when paired with tungsten the two make a great combination of both femininity and masculinity. For this one reason alone make shell inlays ideal to be worn as wedding bands. Being that shell is lightweight and more fragile than traditional inlays the inlay is placed in the center of a tungsten ring and flush with the surface. The inlay is also coated with a liquid crystal giving it strength and durability to make it able to handle every day wear and tear.

Precious Metal Inlays:  Ring inlays consist of platinum and gold. The precious metals are heated up and inlaid into the tungsten to create a look that is both durable and traditional. Precious metal inlays can be inlaid in a center groove of a tungsten band or even inlaid off center for a more modern edgy look.

Carved Tungsten Inlays: Carved Tungsten Inlays are a new technology featuring two new carved techniques. The first technique is carved inlays that are grooved into the metal. Many like the grooved inlays to add intricate knot work patterns to the center for an extremely durable yet unique look. The second technique used is raised carved designs featuring the design being raised from the surface of a ring. The carved raised design is great for special phrases and words to allow for a unique 3-dimensional look.

Redwood and Ebony Wood Inlays: Redwood and Ebony Wood Inlay rings are popular for those wanting a ring that many don’t have. With both redwood and Ebony wood the inlay is centered in the ring protected by a liquid crystal allowing the ring to hold up to any conditions. The redwood color is a medium reddish color whereas the Ebony is a dark brown to black shade. Both colors will show the true wood grain although be more visible on the redwood design. Wood inlays are make great wedding bands and gifts for firefighters, landscapers and nature lovers.

Unique Wedding Bands
Whichever inlay is chosen purchase only form companies that offer warranties and repair services for their products. At times, inlays can be more fragile and a warranty or repair service will add protection and security to the purchase.

Last Updated: February 15, 2018

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