Unique Ring that is Durable and Economically Friendly

Unique Ring that is Durable and Economically Friendly

Tungsten makes a unique ring that is durable and economically friendly to your wallet. The new and upcoming alternative metal tungsten rings come in a large variety of styles that accommodate both men and women. To get an brief description of unique tungsten carbide ring styles please read the following.

Shell Tungsten Carbide Rings: Tungsten Carbide Rings with shell inlays are unique bands for both men and women. The shell inlay comes in many colors and are inlayed into a ring in just the right way to feature a large array of light catching colors. Shell inlays can be a slightly more fragile inlay so the shell is typically protected by a liquid crystal to help maintain the integrity of the ring.

Celtic Rings: Celtic tungsten rings are symbolic wedding bands or fashion rings that typically represent love, happiness and life. The symbols on the surface of the rings include, Celtic love knots, the Claddagh symbol and the Trinity symbol. Celtic rings are popular for both men and women and are commonly used as a unique wedding band.

Black Tungsten Bands: Black tungsten rings are fashionable bands that add a unique touch to the classic wedding or fashion ring. The black finish can be plated on an entire tungsten ring are just a portion to make the ring complimentary to almost every style. Black tungsten carbide rings are extremely durable, however are just a plating. Over time the black may fade slightly are scratch with repeated wear. Most companies can replate the black finish for a fee.

Carved Tungsten Rings: Carved tungsten ring are still relatively new to the jewelry market, only being available in a few online stores. Carved rings are unique bands that have designs, commonly Celtic or Greek, carved into the surface of the ring. The carving is extremely durable with a polished finish that will last a lifetime.

Diamond Tungsten Wedding Bands: Diamond tungsten rings are ideal for those still seeking a diamond as their symbol for forever. Diamond and gemstone tungsten rings come in many widths and designs to accommodate almost every shopper. The diamond setting is burnished onto the surface of the ring making it flush with the metal. Diamond tungsten rings remain a logical choice for active men or women that my be rough on their hands.

Personalized Tungsten Couple Rings: Personalized rings are ideal for those seeking a wedding ring or fashion ring that is different from everything else. When personalizing a tungsten carbide ring a design can be laser engraved or carved onto the surface making the ring not only one of a kind, but personal as well.

Whichever style a shopper may choose, tungsten carbide is the ideal choice. The metal is extremely durable and virtually scratch resistant. The lustrous polish will also be vibrant for years to come. Tungsten carbide bands require no maintenance and can be worn in virtually any setting. Choosing a tungsten ring as a wedding band or black fashion ring is definitely a wise choice.

Unique Ring that is Durable and Economically Friendly
Last Updated: June 20, 2017

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