Unique Inlay Tungsten Rings

Unique Inlay Tungsten Rings

Unique inlay tungsten rings are beginning to be the fashion trend for those that seeking a ring. Whether the ring is used for a fashion piece, wedding bands or couple rings, tungsten rings are sure to grab the attention of many. Years ago when tungsten carbide rings first hit the jewelry market, simple yet classic styles were the primary style that were found both online and in major jewelry stores. Tungsten carbide, a unique yet dense metal was molded into very simple styles due to the absolute complexity and hardness of the metal. Years later and growing technology can now do many things with tungsten and the style possibilities are endless. Tungsten can now be simple and classic dome to a more unique flat design with stylish edges such as the popular beveled or step down edge. The metal can even be taken a step further with the new carved designs, colored tungsten in black and gold and lastly unique inlays.

Tungsten rings with unique inlays can be as simple as using precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium to a more unique titanium, carbon fiber, wood and ceramic. Rings inlaid with precious metals are timeless and beautiful. Using gold or platinum to inlay is very common for wedding bands and promise rings. The metals show a slight contrast from the tungsten and offer all the same durability of tungsten when protected in between the metal.

Carbide rings inlaid with titanium, carbon fiber, wood and ceramic offer a very unique yet durable touch to your ring. Unique titanium and zirconium ceramic rings are extremely lightweight and virtually scratch proof. Both the titanium and ceramic can be designed in several colors to add a personalized touch to your ring. Carbon Fiber and wood inlays are fashion forward and can also be designed in several colors that would fit individual styles and tastes.

Whatever design is chosen tungsten rings are the right economically friendly choice that is as durable as it is beautiful. Purchase with confidence from reputable online jewelers that offer lifetime warranties.

Unique inlay tungsten rings
Last Updated: February 7, 2018

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