Tungsten Wedding Band Trends for 2016

Tungsten Wedding Band Trends for 2016

Tungsten Wedding Band Trends For 2016
Tungsten Wedding Band at Forever Metals.  Many customers contact us asking what our best sellers are.  This is a hard thing to determine as we believe our collection is timeless.  However based on what we have seen at wedding shows and through customer feedback, here is our list for 2016.  Just in time for the Summer wedding season!

Gunmetal Wedding Bands:  Gunmetal is that perfect shade between silver tungsten and black tungsten.  We especially like it when the finish is brushed creating a unique wedding band any one would be proud to wear.  A brushed gun metal ring will hold minimal shine and reflection.  The appearance is more subdued yet completely fashionable.

Black Tungsten Rings:  Who says you can’t wear black to a wedding?  Black wedding bands have been popular for many years.  We have created a full collection of rings that feature both the popular black polished finish and brushed black finish.  However, black wedding bands require slightly more care than a standard silver polish.  The black finish can slightly fade and scratch over time just as any plated ring would.

carved rings:  Carved tungsten rings are still fairly new to the wedding band market.  Tungsten, being such a hard, dense metal is more difficult to carve.  However we have created a line a beautiful carved bands in many unique styles.  Check out our best-selling carved Claddagh rings.  The intricate knot work along with the Celtic heart and hands creates a symbolic wedding band that will look beautiful for years to come.

Gold Tungsten Rings and Wedding Bands:  Gold tungsten rings are a great choice when shopping for a wedding band.  Not only do the rings mimic real gold, the price point is hard to beat.  With gold tungsten starting at just $79, it makes it hard to pass up and purchase a genuine gold ring for hundreds of dollars.

Please check out the Forever Metals website for a collection of more than 500 tungsten wedding band styles.  Please provide feedback as this is how we continue to grow and develop as a company.

Last Updated: February 23, 2018

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