Tungsten Rings Over More Traditional Metals

Tungsten Rings Over More Traditional Metals

I would like to examine tungsten rings over more traditional metals as people are getting ready for their upcoming summer weddings. Among the prepping wedding bands typically remains to be the last of the final important factors purchased. Traditional metals such as gold and platinum rank the highest in what is typically purchased however there are alternative metals such as tungsten carbide and titanium which are becoming increasingly more popular. Although both metals are unique and durable, tungsten carbide tends to have more lasting power over titanium rings. Tungsten is a durable, heavier metal that has a finish that is virtually scratch resistant and incredibly lustrous in the polished form. Tungsten rings can also be purchased in many style options so that people can wear a unique ring that matches their personality. Below are few of the most popular tungsten ring categories that are currently on the market.

Carved Tungsten Rings: Carved Tungsten Wedding bands are unique in nature where the design is carved into the metal featuring unique designs such as writing or knot work patterns. The metals can also be carved in a manner where the design is raised from the surface of the ring delivering a 3-dimensional look that would be sure to please. Carved tungsten rings, being a fairly new technology, are found in limited retailers.

Black Tungsten Carbide Rings: Black tungsten rings are popular for those that are more fashion forward and want an alternative style to wear as their forever piece. With colored tungsten the metal is heated up and pleated with the coloring. Colored tungsten also consists of gold plated and the new chocolate coloring. Although colored tungsten is popular and commonly worn as wedding bands it is typically advised not to wear in industries that people are busy with their hands. Colored tungsten Carbide, although extremely durable, can scratch and fade over time.

Hammered or Peened Tungsten Bands: Hammered/Peened finished rings are popular in part due to the unique qualities the rings possess. With Hammered tungsten the metal is repeatedly hit in a hammered pattern giving the ring a rougher look while remaining smooth to the touch. No two rings are alike as they are hand hammered.

Wood and Shell Inlay Rings: Wood and shell inlaid tungsten rings are popular for those seeking a unique ring that is not a traditional style. With both wood and shell the material is inlaid into the rings while remaining protected by tungsten on both sides. The inlay is then coated with a liquid crystal protecting the inlay to everyday wear.

Whatever style that is chosen tungsten will be sure to please. Not only is tungsten durable it is also priced at a lower price point over precious metals.

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Last Updated: June 15, 2017

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