Why Tungsten Rings are Increasing in Popularity?

Why Tungsten Rings are Increasing in Popularity?

Tungsten rings have been gaining popularity over the past 10 years, originally being purchased only by men that worked with their hands. Construction workers, manual laborers and those rough on hands sought out alternatives to precious metals that easily scratched and wore down. Tungsten Carbide was also desirable due to the cracking point if severe force struck the finger. In the case of severe force a tungsten wedding band is more apt to crack than take off someones skin or even their finger! The mentioned are not the only reasons tungsten is gaining popularity. Tungsten is becoming more desirable due to the endless design possibilities that the ring style now possesses. Below are some of the many styles that tungsten is now manufactured in.

Classic Tungsten Carbide Rings
Classic Tungsten Wedding bands come in the popular high polished dome shape, flat pipe cut design, Beveled Edge and Step Down edge. The Finish can be polished, brushed, florentine or even a dual tone finish. The inner diameter is always a comfort fit allowing the ring to be comfortable regardless of width, size and weight of the ring. Men and women find wearing tungsten rings ideal for this one reason.

Carved Tungsten Bands
Carved Tungsten Wedding rings are fairly new to the retail market, only being found in a few select online retailers. With Carved tungsten the design is either carved deep into the metal or raised from the surface of the rings. With carved tungsten the finish will be sure to last a lifetime and will only look better with age.

Inlay Tungsten Rings
Inlay Rings consist of redwood inlays, colorful shell, carbon fiber, ceramic and precious metal inlays. Inlay rings have the center protected on both sides by tungsten and typically coated in a liquid crystal protecting the inlay. Many choose inlay tungsten rings due to the pure unique style the ring exhibits.

Black, Gold, Rose Gold and Chocolate Tungsten
Colored tungsten is ideal for those that want a unique ring without spending a lot of money for it. With the three colors a tungsten ring is plated with the coloring and then the ring is laser etches or finished to specification. Typically colored tungsten is for fashion purposes only as the coloring can wear down with extensive wear.

Whichever style is chosen, purchase from a reputable company that offers a great warranty program. Many manufacturers and retailers now offer a lifetime warranty to protect the purchase for as long as it is worn.

Why Tungsten Rings are Increasing in Popularity
Last Updated: June 30, 2017

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