Tungsten Rings are Gaining Popularity

Tungsten Rings are Gaining Popularity

Tungsten Rings are gaining popularity recently due to the knowledge on how great the metal truly is. Tungsten is a lustrous metal that is not only more durable than precious metals but a lot more affordable as well. Most retail jewelry stores both online and free standing carry a collection of tungsten carbide rings for both men and women. Below is a brief description of popular collections that are manufactured in tungsten to inform people of what they can get before they start the search.

Tungsten Rings over 10mm Width: Tungsten Rings are commonly found in standard widths such as 6 and 8mm. The standard widths are commonly found in brick and mortar retail stores being available in classic, simple styles that are targeted towards those that want a durable, affordable ring that is still traditional. Online Retail stores are beginning to manufacture larger, more masculine widths for those that would like something less traditional. Wide width bands are found in widths over 10mm and can be manufactured up to a 16mm width. When ordering widths over 10mm it is recommended to order at least a half size up so the ring can easily slide on and off the knuckle without causing pain or circulatory concerns.

Classic Tungsten Wedding Bands: Classic tungsten rings are rings that fit the traditional style of a wedding band that is typically found in gold and platinum. Traditional tungsten is found in classic style designs with various finishes including polished, satin and sandstone brushed. Classic wedding bands come in traditional widths as well such as 6mm through 8mm.

Black Tungsten Carbide Rings: Black tungsten rings are not only fashionable but also worn as a non-traditional wedding band for those seeking something different. Black tungsten can come in various styles, widths and finishes such as high lustrous polished and a matte brushed appearance. Black ice tungsten is also popular and the color is an even combination between standard tungsten and black coming in at more a gunmetal color.

Gold Zirconium Tungsten: Gold zirconium tungsten has a cold coloring plated onto the surface of a tungsten band. The coloring appears to be gold however the ring is not gold throughout. People purchasing colored tungsten should be careful when wearing the rings. The plating can scratch and fade over time with constant wear and most companies usually do not have services that replace the surface coloring.

Chocolate Brown Tungsten Bands: Chocolate brown tungsten is fairly new to the tungsten wedding band market. The chocolate coloring is similar to the black and gold where it is plated onto the surface and still can be found in many style possibilities. The color is lustrous and typically looks great as a contrasting inlay.

Carved Carbide Rings: Carved tungsten carbide rings have been around for many years yet only only a few only retailers carry the rings. Carved tungsten is different from etched or laser engraving as the carving is actually found deep into the metal. Celtic rings are commonly found in carved designs as the intricate knot work looks beautiful embedded into the metal. Carved tungsten only looked better with age as the ring slightly darkens with time make the design stand out from the ring. carved rings can only be found in a polished finish and cannot be manufactured with colored plating.

Women’s Tungsten Rings: Women’s tungsten rings are manufactured in thinner, more feminine widths that women feel comfortable wearing. Almost any tungsten design can be made in a thin width, commonly being found on widths thinner than a 5mm. Thin widths are ideal for women whose hand cannot bear the size or weight of a wider ring.

Whichever style that a customer will choose will only prove to be a positive experience for them. In comparing online companies to free standing retail stores can show a great difference in pricing and styles and widths available. Online stores tend to be lower priced without sacrificing quality and come in a great diversity of styles available. Most reputable online ring sources will also have a lifetime warranty protecting the investment for life.

Tungsten Rings are Gaining Popularity
Last Updated: February 4, 2018

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