Tungsten Ring Trends 2017 – Top 3 Fashion Statements

Tungsten Ring Trends 2017 – Top 3 Fashion Statements

With 2016 nearing an end we are forecasting the tungsten ring trends 2017.  We have included our top 3 hot list for what to look for in the new year.  The styles listed are bold, unique choices that many would love to wear.  However, you can never go wrong with traditional tungsten wedding bands.  Traditional rings are classic and will never go out of style.

Black Tungsten Rings:  Black tungsten rings are been popular for the past 10 years when they first emerged in the wedding band market.  Black rings are perfect for those that want the nontraditional look.  They are bold, fashionable and make a statement.  They are defiantly a wedding band that will turn heads.  However as fashionable as they are they are a plated ring.  The surface zirconium plating is incredibly durable but can scratch if it comes across abrasive surfaces.  The black tungsten collection is priced from $109 to $289.

Wide Width Tungsten Wedding Bands:  Wide width rings have always been considered masculine.  Men tend to gravitate towards wider rings to have their wedding ring also be fashionable statement piece.  We have wide width rings in both standard tungsten and black tungsten.  Please note that black tungsten is considered a fashion piece only and should be removed when working with hands.  However the traditional tungsten finish will look beautiful for years to come.  Wide width wedding bands are prices between $139 and $239.  All rings ship free and are lifetime guaranteed at no additional cost to the purchaser.

Men’s Claddagh Rings:  Move over ladies.  Claddagh rings are no longer a fashion statement for women.  Men now are turning to Claddagh rings to wear as their forever piece of jewelry.  Forever Metals has many styles for men that are both fashionable and masculine.  Our best-selling rings are the Claddagh Ring and the Mo Anam Cara Ring which has a design carved into the tungsten.  It is beautiful and also available in many widths to accommodate personal comfort and a matching band for women.  The price point for our Claddagh collection is between $169 and $269.

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