Tungsten Ring Beauty and Strength

Tungsten Ring Beauty and Strength

Tungsten ring beauty and strength is the best exemplification of the love between a husband and a wife. It symbolizes the covenant that they made with one another during their marriage. Usually, wedding rings are made using gold or silver as the base material. These metals are considered as very precious and as such are only given in the most special of occasions. Today, technology offers more options for wedding rings. The use of other materials which are stronger than those mentioned is made possible.

Different Material

Tungsten carbide is a powdery substance which is used to create wedding rings. Tungsten carbide rings last longer than steel rings because tungsten carbide is three times stiffer than steel. It is also denser than titanium meaning that it can withstand more pressure. Additionally, it was found out that tungsten carbide is resistant to any abrasions of any kind. Only the strongest substances such as diamond are able to scratch this substance.

Different Design

A unique material needs an equally unique design to complement one another. This is why weddings bands made of tungsten carbide usually use Celtic designs. Celtic rings depict the traditional Celtic symbols such as the cross rings and the Five-fold. These images symbolize power and eternity among other things. The Celtic knot is a central aspect among Celtic designs. It symbolizes the never ending flow of life within humans. Although there are only few records which give meaning to these symbols, they are nevertheless used because of their magnificent design.


Tungsten carbide rings are proven to be very durable and will not lose their luster even after much time has passed. They are also virtually scratch-proof which makes it even more appealing to buy rings made out of this material. Celtic rings accentuate the uniqueness of tungsten carbide by providing a certain amount of uniqueness of its own. Designs found on these rings cannot be found anywhere else. It is a symbol of a culture that is preserved even though records are scarce. The use of these rings as weddings bands show a mixture of history, modernization, and technology. A combination like this is rarely seen and must be treasured until the end of time.

Remember to purchase a Cross brushed tungsten rings from a reputable online company or jeweler to ensure quality rings of your lasting fashion piece. Also look for Lifetime warranties to protect against any damage they may occur to the ring.

Cross Tungsten Ring Beauty and Strength
Last Updated: June 19, 2017

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