Tungsten Color

Tungsten Color

Learn about what to expect with tungsten color before your purchase. When shopping for a tungsten ring many have a misconception on tungsten color. The Internet depicts tungsten being anywhere from a light to dark color silver when in its natural form. This is not the case.

Tungsten is considered silver in color but a darker shade to traditional precious metals. This is due to tungsten being a combination of pure tungsten fused with carbon powder which is black creating a darker shade of silver. Many who wear tungsten rings purchase specifically for the unique color. However, many purchase tungsten planning on the ring being a lighter shade and quickly become disappointed that their ring does not match white gold, silver or platinum.

Another option available in terms of tungsten color is plated tungsten. Tungsten is also commonly found in black, gold, rose gold and more recent shades of blue and red. Colored tungsten is popular for those that want a unique ring that is fashionable and budget friendly.

Colored tungsten is manufactured by taking a standard tungsten style and plating the surface. Many companies will plate the surface twice to extend the durability of the color. However, despite being an attractive ring, colored tungsten is just a plated ring that will fade and scratch with time. Many reputable companies should be able to restore the ring to new condition by re-plating the surface for a small fee under warranty. The best way to extend the life of a colored/plated tungsten ring would be to remove the ring when working with the hands. Colored tungsten will wear quicker when constantly being impacted against a surface. Wearing the ring is water or chlorinated pools will not damage the coloring or lessen the durability of the surface.

Whether the standard shade is chosen or a colored ring, tungsten is a wonderful, economic choice for those that want a quality ring at an affordable price. With the average price point ranging between $50 and $200, many can afford a ring that may be more durable than precious metal wedding bands.

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Last Updated: May 13, 2018.

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