Tungsten Carbide Wedding Bands

Tungsten Carbide Wedding Bands

What Are tungsten carbide wedding bands? Tungsten carbide wedding bands have been around for roughly 15 years. The rings are part of the alternative metals group that include titanium. Tungsten is a popular metal that is incredibly durable. The durability of tungsten is why this metal has emerged as being just as popular as precious metals. Not only is the metal durability, the price point is much lower than gold and platinum allowing this to be a budget friendly alternative to a wedding band.

How are they different from precious metals? Tungsten rings are much heavier than precious metals. Precious metals weigh a few grams whereas tungsten can be upwards of 9 grams or more. Tungsten is a steel ring that when fused with carbon the weight increases. Generally, the weight of the ring will not deter people from purchasing a ring. The time frame to get used to wearing a tungsten ring usually just a couple days.

Another difference is the color. Tungsten is a darker metal. We always describe the color as being a couple shades darker than silver. The difference is usually only notices when pressed up next to a precious metal such as white gold, platinum or silver. Forever Metals Eternal design are laser engraved tungsten wedding bands which resembles more closely to a platinum or silver.

Lastly, durability is a difference. Tungsten is a hard, dense metal that is very hard to scratch and impossible to bend. The metal with crack before it will bend. Precious metals being softer can scratch and bend but typically not crack. Many like this about tungsten. It is actually a safety feature. When working with the hands such is in a machining industry a tungsten ring will crack off before it can damage the tissue around the finger. A precious metal ring will smash around the finger, damaging the tissue or even worse take a finger.

Who wears tungsten carbide wedding bands? Anyone can wear tungsten carbide wedding bands. Originally, many years ago, the styles were limited to primarily Male friendly styles. They were heavier, thicker and in masculine styles. Now the majority of retailers sell to both men and women.

Women have many options for more feminine styles which tend to be lighter in weight, thinner with a more feminine design. There is even the option to have matching wedding bands in widths such as our 6mm Turbo brushed women’s tungsten rings and our 9mm Turbo contrasting tungsten wedding bands that complement both men and women.

Please contact Forever Metals sales or customer support for any questions pertaining to tungsten carbide wedding bands. Forever Metals sales team is there to help with product information, quote custom orders and take orders directly over the phone.

Last Updated: May 16, 2018.

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