Tungsten Carbide Rings for Men

Tungsten Carbide Rings for Men

Tungsten carbide rings for men are popular in hard economic times due to the durability of the metal and affordable costs. Originally the metal was popular with men seeking a durable ring that would hold up to their labor positions such as construction, welding and mechanics. Throughout the years and becoming a more known about metal popularity among men and women of all ages starting shopping for the metal.

Ten years ago tungsten carbide came in simple yet classic styles that fit the traditional mold of a wedding band. Due to the metal being extremely hard and dense sculpting the metal was not possible with the machines that were available. With advancing technology the metal can now be sculpted into unique styles that represent a wedding band but appealing to someone’s personal style. Popular unique styles that are now on the market are listed below.

Redwood Inlay Tungsten Rings: Neptune men’s Redwood inlay wooden tungsten rings offer an attractive reddish brown true inlay running through the center of a tungsten band. The wood is protected by a liquid crystal, flush with the surface of the ring, protecting against daily wear. The ring is also waterproof so wearing in a pool or shower will not pose to be a problem.

Celtic Tungsten Wedding Bands: Celtic tungsten bands are particularly popular with couples seeking matching wedding bands that will last a lifetime. Styles include the popular Claddagh ring, Calypso Irish love grooved Celtic rings, the Triquetra and Crux Celtic men’s cross rings. The design can come in either a laser engraved or carved full of detail and symbolic meanings.

Black Tungsten Carbide: Black tungsten carbide rings for men is popular with younger couples or men that do not want a vibrant, shiny ring on their finger. Black tungsten is created by adding a plated zirconium finish to the surface of a tungsten ring. Black tungsten serves best for fashion purposes as the metal will scratch and fade over a long period of time whereas a standard tungsten finish will not do that.

Wide Width Men’s Bands: Wide width ring represent widths over a 10mm. Wide width ring are ideal for those looking to make a strong fashion statement. Wide width rings are heavy in weight and come in various styles and finishes to be appealing to customers.

Whichever style is chosen, purchasing tungsten is worth the investment. Tungsten carbide rings for men purchased from reputable online retailers will typically offer a lifetime guarantee against any damage helping customers feel at ease for years to come.

Last Updated: May 19, 2018

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