Tungsten Carbide Mens Wedding Bands

Tungsten Carbide Mens Wedding Bands

Tungsten carbide mens wedding bands have increased in popularity over the years, now being purchased by both men and women. Tungsten bands come in an endless array of style possibilities, many companies even customizing rings to suit individual needs. Women have become to purchase matching wedding rings for themselves in thinner widths so that their rings may remain feminine yet extremely durable.

Many companies now sell tungsten rings. Local jewelry shops tend to carry the simple yet classic style that grab the attention of the majority of shoppers. To find unique styles the internet is most likely your best place to shop. The internet is also the best place to receive the best deals on rings. Searching the internet for tungsten rings you will find that the price point can be found to be very low for some online stores, whereas you will also find rings at a higher price. Many wonder why the drastic differences in price and if the rings are equal in quality. Doing your research you will find that the equality of tungsten wedding bands can be both poor and excellent. Many companies attempt to lower costs by using a cobalt binder over the popular nickel binder.

Cobalt is an inexpensive binding metal that binds with the oils in your skin. The binding ll result in oxidation of the metal. An oxidized ring will quickly turn from dark silver to black. The black will appear to look the same as tarnished silver. Nothing can be done to prevent this from happening. Cobalt can also cause severe reactions with the skin which will make wearing any ring very uncomfortable. You will find that the companies that sell low priced tungsten wedding bands are most likely using cobalt and will not offer warranties to replace your ring.

A nickel binder is hypoallergenic, balanced and will not oxidize the metal. A nickel bound will also not cause reactions with the skin which is ideal for those with sensitive skin. Companies that use a nickel binder are selling a higher quality product, therefore prices will reflect that. See our Draco mens two tone carved rings or our Hyperion grooved mens carved rings for clear photographs of what higher quality products looks like.

A companies warranty is also important to read about when making a purchase. Companies with a Lifetime Warranty typically stand behind their product quality in anticipation that nothing may go wrong. This is an important factor to look at.

Whether you are shopping for wedding bands, promise rings or even a fashion ring, tungsten carbide mens wedding bands are the right economical choice to choose. Tungsten carbide mens wedding bands are brilliant, beautiful and durable. What more can you ask for when making a purchase that represents a lifetime.

Last Updated: May 17, 2018

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