Shopping for wedding bands

Shopping for Wedding Bands

Weddings are a joyous event for couples of all ages. From the little details to the larger scale planning weddings are both fulfilling as they are expensive. Shopping for the wedding day jewelry is a necessary expense that many couples wait to the last minute to purchase due to the high cost. I am here to inform couples of their options and to help them realize that wedding bands can be an affordable purchase.

There are several different metals that can be used as a wedding band. He more expensive options consist of platinum, palladium and gold consisting of white, yellow and rose gold hued. The moderately priced options consist of titanium, tungsten carbide and cobalt chrome. The lowest priced metal is sterling silver. All of these metals can be found in most jewelry stores that put emphasis on wedding day jewelry. Brick and mortar jewelry stores will carry higher priced jewelry to compensate for their overhead and online jewelers will tend to have lower prices and special savings however you take a gamble on finding a reputable company and seeing the jewelry in person. With online shopping increasing in popularity I would say most tech savvy couples purchase from online jewelers that have great ratings behind their name. Below, I will give a brief description of the different metals along with the price point associated with each category.

Higher Priced Precious Metals

Platinum: Platinum is a silvery, white metal that is used in a pure form. Platinum is approximately 90-95% pure. Platinum is extremely durable and long wearing and always remains in the pale white form. Platinum is also the most expensive of the precious metals. Price points typically start at $300 plus for a simple wedding band free of diamonds and design.

Palladium: Palladium is a very rare metal and is a member of the platinum metal group. Palladium is a lightweight metal that is extremely white in color. Palladium will always keep its white color forever, never tarnishing or dulling in color. The Palladium is priced similar to platinum.

Gold: Gold is the most popular metal for jewelry due to being priced relatively low for a precious metal and for many styles being available. Gold is a beautiful metal, being extremely durable and coming in three colors, white, yellow and rose gold. Gold in the standard form comes in a yellow gold color. The color can vary from being a bright yellow to a more subdued hue. The white gold is made by dipping a yellow gold ring in a rhodium plating. The rhodium gives the gold ring a vibrant white sheen that will need to maintained every few years as the yellow will start to show through. Lastly rose gold is manufactured when yellow gold is mixed with a copper alloy. The copper ally gives the metal the shimmery gold hue that will only intensify with age. The price point at gold can range anywhere from $200 to $500 for a simple classic style.

Moderate Priced Jewelry

Titanium: Titanium is a metal that is gray in color. It is the lightest weight of all the metals and very comfortable to wear. Titanium is popular due to the strength the metal possesses at almost three times stronger than steel. Titanium can also be manipulated into many shapes and designs making the metal extremely popular with couples seeking a durable, inexpensive ring. The price point of Titanium starts at approximately $49.

Satin Brushed Tungsten Rings: Tungsten is a heavy metal that can range from a light gray to dark gray depending on finish. Tungsten is known to be forever polished where the finish will remain beautiful longer than any other precious metal. The price point is also reasonable starting at $49 for a classic wedding band.

Cobalt Chrome Rings: Cobalt is a hypoallergenic metal that has a white appearance similar to platinum. The metal is scratch resistant and will stay vibrant in color similar to tungsten carbide. The one different to tungsten carbide is cobalt is not as dense allowing for more design options. The standard price point for cobalt starts at $99.

Flat Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band
Low Price Wedding Bands

Sterling Silver: Silver comes in the most design possibilities out of all precious metals due to the metal being extremely soft. Silver needs constant cleaning or the metal will tarnish. Cleaning can be done with ease with inexpensive jewelry cleaners. Silver also comes with the lowest price point with higher quality silver rings starting at $29 for a simple design.

I hope this article has been informative in researching wedding band metals. The different types of rings can be found in both a retail store and online store. Look for a company that is reputable and comes with a great warranty protecting the investment for as long as the ring is worn.

Last Updated: February 14, 2018

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