Quality tungsten rings

The quality tungsten rings is something many couples are concerned about.  There is a drastic fluctuating price point on the market that drives down prices of legitimate companies.  Here is a quick rundown of what to look for when choosing your tungsten rings.

EBay Tungsten Rings:  This is not a legitimate tungsten ring dealer.  90% of Ebay tungsten wedding bands are purchased in mass quantities over in China for $2 each.  The quality is low and the ring will turn black over time.  There is also risk of finger irritation due to the inferior products used.  We have had so many customers contact us in regards to their EBay tungsten ring.  They are wondering why the ring looks dirty and how to get the shine back.  Once a ring looks like this there is no possibility of the ring looking good again.  The ring has oxidized and will continue to look worse over time.  Do not buy from EBay.  A wedding band that costs anywhere in the realm of $10-$60 most likely will look terrible quickly.

Amazon Tungsten Rings:  Amazon Tungsten Wedding Bands are the same as eBay Wedding Bands.  China has saturated the US Market with low quality merchandise and an even lower price.  This is unfortunate as the reputable US Merchants who put their all into their merchandise can not stay in business when prices are so low.

US Wedding Band Websites:  Some things to look out for is how long the website has been in business, the ratings through Google, Yelp and various other sources and if they have a phone number to call in.  These are a few important things to understand before placing the order.  I also think that companies that only allow contact through email raises a red flag.  Quality customer service includes answering the phone.

Forever Metals promises to always deliver quality tungsten rings along with high quality merchandise.  We back everything with a life time guarantee.  Please contact Sales with any questions

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