Popular Alternative Metals for Men’s Wedding Bands

Popular Alternative Metals for Men’s Wedding Bands

Popular alternative metals for men’s wedding bands. The wedding band has evolved over time from a classic gold band to the more unique, alternative metals we know of today. Gold and Platinum are beautiful metals, easily ordained with gemstones, diamonds and intricate designs. Rings are easily personalized when manufactured in gold and platinum therefore making the metals extremely popular when looking for the wedding band that will be with you for a lifetime to come. Over time both gold and platinum will start to dull, the surface will be coated with micro fine scratches making your ring look less than remarkable. Many companies offer lifetime polishing, some even for a fee.

Tungsten Rings are a great alternative metal to the classic wedding band. Tungsten Carbide is an extremely durable metal, virtually indestructible. The metal does not scratch or dull. A simple wash of your tungsten ring will bring the beauty back to your ring in a matter of seconds. Tungsten rings were originally popular for men who worked with their hands, many being in the construction industry. The original choice of tungsten rings were limited to the most classic, simple styles free of any gemstones, designs or laser engraving.

With the onset of manufacturing technology the industry for tungsten wedding rings has flourished for men and women. Women are understanding that a wedding ring that is beautifully polished and durable is the right choice to make especially when designed with gemstones and diamonds. Many tungsten carbide ring companies can even personalize the stone by adding unique gemstones and colored diamonds. Tungsten rings are also manufactured with an endless number of possible designs, the most popular being Celtic tungsten ring designs. The inner diameter is also available for engraving with special dates and phrases to make your ring memorable for life.

Tungsten rings are not only the right choice for wedding bands but also for couple: Try the  couple silver stackable rings, Valley concaved womens tungsten rings and krypton mens carved symbol infinity rings. Tungsten rings last forever and what is better than to purchase a wedding band that will last the duration of a lifetime.

Last Updated: February 22, 2018

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