Planning your fall wedding

Planning your fall wedding

With Summertime dwindling down to its last days many are preparing for Fall. Fall is my favorite time of year. The evenings are cool and the leaves are changing. Fall is absolutely beautiful. Many couples feel Fall is the best time to plan a wedding. Here are our top tips for planning your special day during the Fall season.

Location: Depending on whether you have your wedding during early fall or late fall choosing a location to accommodate cooler temps is ideal. This is the perfect time of year to choose an indoor/outdoor locale as the days can typically be fairly warm. Heated tents are also a great feature. A heated tent will protect your guests from the elements including cooler air and rain.

Date: Set your date and send out those save the dates to your guest list. Remember to give people enough time to make arrangements especially if they have to travel. It is also nice to give ample time so people can schedule around your wedding without missing your special day.

Venue: Choosing a venue during fall offers many options. You can choose either an indoor or outdoor locale. This is the best time of year to also have a rustic theme. Some great ideas include a barn suitable for weddings or an area where guests can walk around and take in the beauty of the Fall season. Remember to book your venue at least 6 months in advance to ensure you have control over the date of your wedding. The longer you wait the possibility of losing out on your first choice becomes higher.

Photographer/Videographer/Music: Once your venue is booked and the date is set you should call around for the people who will monument the day. Talk to friends or look for reviews on wedding photographers and videographers. Usually already married friends and family is a great source for this. If other people have had a positive experience there is a great chance so will you. This is also the best way to find the music for your wedding. Do you want a DJ or have you always dreamed of a live band. This is the best time to check for reviews and start interviewing. The DJ or band is a key member of the wedding fun. You want the job performance to be top notch.

Invitations: Embrace the color of the fall. This is a great time to bring in that rustic elegance and use bold colors. Popular colors for Fall weddings include Burgundy mixed with pale pinks, golds and greens. This is also your time to shine. Create an invitation they will remember with bold colors that will really bring out the theme of the season.

Decor: The rustic theme for fall weddings seems to be the trend for 2014 and for first half of 2015. We have always found Pinterest is a great source for unique decor. Twinkling lights, canning jars, rustic wood and earthy flowers will make your day perfect and get people in the spirit of the season.

Food: Let the season influence your meal plan. This is a great time of year for comfort food. Hearty vegetables, turkey, pumpkin, butternut squash and warm rustic bread will be a delight to your guests.

Favors: Favors are a small token of appreciation to your guests that joined you on your special day. Fall themed favors can include potpourri, tea, nuts or a homemade cake mix are all great ideas.

Regardless of the rustic undertones of a fall wedding this is your time to shine. There is set guide to the colors chosen or what your guests will eat. Take this time and plan it carefully with your partner. This should never be a stressful experience. This should only be a time of love.

Written by:  8/26/2015

Last Updated: October 2, 2018

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