New Tungsten Ring Images Being Added to Forever Metals Website

New Tungsten Ring Images Being Added to Forever Metals Website

New tungsten ring images will be added to the Forever Metals website.  This will be in addition to the tungsten ring pictures that have been a primary highlight for years.  The change will be positive for the company by giving customers a better idea of what the ring will look like in person.  The primary focus will still be the original ring against a pure white background however the new images will be a true photo not cleaned up through picture software.  The pictures will give a “in real life” point of view.  The company expects this to not only be a positive change for sales and growth but for the Search Engine.  The new changes will also help depict the best sellers.  Below is a list of the new best sellers and how the will look against the wood background.

Claddagh Clatter Flat Rings

The Claddagh Wedding band has been a best seller for many years.  Available in many widths and finishes allows customers to be able to easily choose a ring that best suits them.  The best selling Claddagh is the 9mm Flat polished version.  The high polished finish with contrasting engraved design is a winner.  Check out the Claddagh on our new wood back ground.  The best thing is we have added an additional view.

Neptune Men’s Black Brushed Wooden Inlay Rings

The sleek black Neptune is a favorite.  The subdued black brushed finish with redwood inlay is a perfect bland of masculinity and style.  Priced at only $169 this wedding band will be sure to stay within a budget.

Squared Men’s Polished Unique Tungsten Ring

The squared design offers an interesting choice for a wedding band.  The scratch resistant high polish surface will look beautiful for years to come.  The comfort fit design ensures a lifetime of pinch free wear.  Also this is a ring that not every one will have in the unique squared design.

For further information please contact Sales with any question or product information.  To see additional Tungsten Ring images please contact us.

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