How much should you pay for wedding bands?

How much should you pay for wedding bands?

How much should you pay for wedding bands? Whether it is a a man’s wedding band or a plain woman’s everyday wedding band, what are budget expectations? With wedding season officially here many couples are scrambling to purchase their wedding bands for their upcoming nuptials. Weddings are expensive, everything from the dress, the venue, food, music, fun and most importantly the wedding jewelry. Most couple spend an average of $1000 for the wedding bands combined with many couple going substantially over the average. Wedding bands do not have to be expensive and great, high quality jewelry can be purchased at budget worthy prices. Tungsten rings and wedding bands are not only the most durable on the market, the price is set at a level most couples can afford. With online shopping being the rage, many can find even better prices on the World Wide Web rather than shopping at more expensive brick and mortar jewelry stores. The benefit to shopping online is that the retailers tend to lower prices and set special deals for customers to entice customers to shop with them. Online jewelry stores like to remain competitive. Below is a description of the current trends in both men and women tungsten wedding bands.

Wide Width Rings: Wide Width tungsten rings consist of rings over a 10mm width. Many men like the weight of the wide width rings and many go as large as 16mm – some at a 20mm. The wide with rings typically need to be purchased at a half size larger to accommodate the knuckle. The comfort fit on a tungsten ring will allow for continuous comfortable wear.

Black Tungsten: Black tungsten has been around for many years and has remained popular due to the unique personality the ring portrays. Black tungsten consists of a black plating on the surface of a standard tungsten ring. The black is extremely durable although, like any plating, will wear with time.

Carbon Fiber and Redwood Inlays: Both carbon fiver inlays and wood inlays tend to be popular with men. The inlay is centered in a tungsten rings and surrounded on both sides by tungsten to ensure durability. Carbon fiber can come in many colors whereas wood inlays typically consist of black and red.

Women’s Wedding Bands

Thin, Classic Bands: The most popular tungsten styles for women tend to consist of thin, lightweight bands that feel feminine on the finger. The price point is also the lowest for this particular style, ranging anywhere from $50-$100 per band.

Shell Inlays: Shell inlays are popular with couples due to being both unique and beautiful. The shell inlay color can range in any color throughout the rainbow however is most popular in white and blue hues. The delicate shell will grab light with every turn of the finger.

Claddagh Rings: Claddagh rings have always been popular with couples due to the symbolic Clatter meaning of the wedding band. Rings typically will have the Celtic heart and hands and have meaningful knot work circling the ring. The Claddagh ring can be worn as an engagement ring, wedding band or even a promise ring for couples.

Knowing that there are choices in lower priced jewelry will help couples remain in budget. It is also important to research internet companies before purchasing to ensure you are choosing the right one. Choosing a company that has good ratings will allow customers to feel secure in their decision making process.

Last Updated: July 12, 2017

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