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Metal Wedding Bands Forever Metals
33% of metal wedding bands  are made using more dependable, durable metals such as tungsten carbide. Traditional precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum fail to meet durability expectations as they scratch too often and lose their luster just after weeks of every day wear. Though precious metals hold greater value do to their rarity, don’t think that the high investment will give you a suitable product to wear for a lifetime.

Though steel and titanium seem like a more practical choice, Forever Metals is here to tell it differently. Forever Metals offers a tungsten carbide solution to having a longer lasting wedding band.

Tungsten is a periodical chart element (W). Carbide is a compound of a less electro negative element carbon (C). Tungsten combined was a carbide and nickel allow for the proper bonding to create Forever Metals unique formula that creates an extremely dense formula for everlasting wedding bands.

Tungsten carbide Rings vs Tungsten Rings
There are no differences between tungsten rings and tungsten carbide rings. Jewelers market both tungsten and tungsten carbide interchangeably because this is how buyers search and shop. A tungsten ring without the carbide and nickel would be an extremely fragile wedding band on your finger and most likely would shatter upon first impact.

Not all tungsten products are made the same.
Ring manufactures use various grades of tungsten and the superior grade of tungsten is important. Forever Metals uses a superior tungsten that holds greater density which has routinely been the best choice for high durability and resistance to corrosion. A lesser grade of tungsten is lighter in weight and will be more susceptible to scratches.

Outside of using a superior tungsten, Forever Metals has a great value in today’s market by offering quality control behind each and every product. Our high definition photos tell a great story about our blemish free rings.

Forever Metals is a reputable and professional company that offers a superior product backed with a no fee lifetime warranty against cracks and corrosion. Buy with confidence at Forever Metals.

Metal Wedding Bands Article added February 19, 2018

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