Engraving tungsten rings

Engraving tungsten rings is a process of personalizing the inner or outer diameter with a special message or design.  Many think engraving tungsten rings can be performed by any engraver.  This is unfortunately not the case with tungsten rings.  Tungsten is a hard, dense metal that can become very brittle if heated in the wrong manner.  A ring that is improperly engraved can become fragile and break easily.  A tungsten ring must be engraved by a professional that has the equipment to do so.  Tungsten rings are not engraved through an etching method where the metals is actually cut into.  Tungsten is engraved by a laser engraving machine.  The laser engraving is done through a laser and diamond tip.  Diamonds are used as they are one of the hardest elements and the one thing harder than tungsten carbide.  When a ring is laser engraved the engraving is surface only.  The design shows as silver so the comparison against tungsten is a slight difference.  The design is permanent on the surface and cannot be wiped clean easily if error occurs.  This is why many tungsten companies avoid taking returns on engraved purchases.

Tungsten engraving is just as beautiful as etched engraving.  The possibilities of design are also endless.  It is now popular to add your own art work or create personal messages on a ring.  Fingerprint engraving is also a beautiful gesture of love.

If you are interested in having a tungsten ring engraved please contact Forever Metals.  Engraving options are truly endless.  Forever Metals is a professional manufacture that can engrave simple phrases to personalizing with your own artwork.  The company will work closely with what you are looking to design and create a ring style that is not only one of a kind but special as well.

Last Updated: February 15, 2018

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