Choose your wedding band style

Choose Your Wedding Band Style

Your wedding band should appropriately represent your love and be an item you can wear with pride. When you embark on your exciting and emotional purchasing journey, consider wedding bands that fit your personal taste and budget.

Take time to talk with one another and share your thoughts and wishes before you start to shop. Do you want matching wedding bands or do you want a ring that reflects your personal style? Do you want your wedding bands to match your engagement ring? Do you have a cultural tradition you want to follow with your wedding bands? What type of wedding ring would look best on your hand?
Embrace your culture

When you slip a wedding band onto your new spouse’s ring finger for the first time, you may want it to hold both cultural and emotional significance. Popular cultural traditions include:

Irish Claddagh rings: The Helios heart symbolizes love, while the crown denotes eternity and the clasped hands mean friendship.
Jewish wedding bands: The traditional Jewish wedding band is a plain, unbroken gold circle that represents a pure and eternal union.
Russian wedding rings: Russian wedding rings have three interlocking bands that represent the Holy Trinity. Each band may be a different shade of gold: rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold.

Traditional wedding bands: Early Egyptians thought wedding bands created a never-ending circle of love that carried over to the afterlife. The tradition of wearing a band on the third finger started with the ancient Greeks, who thought a vein linked that finger directly to the heart. Later, around the time of Pope Nicolas I, it came to mean a legal and binding agreement as well. Today’s traditional Western wedding bands stem from both ancient Egyptian and Greek beliefs, representing a spiritual (or religious) and legal commitment between two people.

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