Best Selling Tungsten Rings

Best Selling Tungsten Rings

Purchase bestselling tungsten rings with Forever Metals.  With the Holidays rapidly approaching many are wondering what they can get their significant other.  We believe our bestselling tungsten rings are not just wedding bands but also promise rings, Fashion rings and men’s engagement bands.  Here is a quick look at a few of our favorite categories:

Black Tungsten Rings:  Black tungsten rings have always been in style.  The unique appearance of the ring as a stand out to traditional ring makes the color popular.  Many purchase black rings in addition to classic wedding bands as a fashion piece for when they go out.  Consider our best Selling Kana if you are looking for a black tungsten ring.

Claddagh Wedding Bands:  Claddagh Rings are no longer just for women.  Forever Metals has created a line of men’s Claddagh rings that have bold designs against masculine rings.  We also carry knot work rings for those that want a simpler Celtic Style.  The price starts at just $79 so couples do not have to break their budget.

Wide Width Tungsten Carbide Rings:  Wide Width Rings has always been a popular category for Forever Metals.  We are one of the few companies that manufactures large width rings.  We consider large width rings any width over a 10mm.  To wear such a width you must have long fingers to accommodate wearing a wide width along with still bending your finger at the knuckle.

Check out Forever Metals large collection of best selling carved rings.  We promise to not disappoint.

October 8, 2018

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