Benefits of Tungsten Rings

Benefits of Tungsten Rings

Benefits of tungsten rings are for those that Work with their hands. Recently many customers are asking why do we promote majority tungsten rings.  The answer is simple.  Tungsten Carbide is the best metal for those that work with their hands and for those that do not.  Tungsten in comparison to precious metals come in at a much lower price point and look great for a lot longer.  We are not talking the tungsten rings you get for $19 on eBay.  We are talking the United States made tungsten rings from retailers that want to create a great product.

Tungsten has a lustrous finish with a high polished shine built to last a lifetime.  We have performed many scratch tests on our rings to check for durability and we have found only one thing will scratch our ring – a diamond!  The diamond must come in hard contact with a tungsten ring to scratch the surface.  However when performing the same tests on precious metals we found that any metal will easily scratch gold, platinum, titanium and stainless steel.  So if you are in the market for a ring or a ring replacement we encourage you to try tungsten carbide.  We guarantee you will be happy with your ring as much as we are happy with ours!

What to look for when choosing a company to purchase from:

Lifetime Guarantee
Large Selection
Unites States Manufactured
Better Business Bureau Affiliation

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Benefits of tungsten rings Last Updated: May 22, 2018

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