6 Classic Wedding Band Styles Your Groom Won’t Want to Take Off

6 Classic Wedding Band Styles Your Groom Won’t Want to Take Off

6 classic wedding band styles your groom won’t want to take off.¬†Classic wedding bands come in many different style possibilities to accommodate almost every shopper. Educate yourself in the different options below.

With technology advancing, new lines of tungsten bands have been unveiled to suit almost every shopper. On the market now there is laser engraved tungsten carbide rings, classic dome tungsten, classic flat ring designs, unique carved tungsten bands, tungsten diamond rings and fun colored tungsten carbide rings. Many companies sell several of these categories while few will carry the entire collection. Below is a brief education on the different categories to help make a shopping experience less stressful.

Laser Engraved Tungsten Rings: Laser engraved tungsten rings come in an endless array of ring style. The laser engraving commonly comes in simple surface designs that are shapes, Celtic symbols, texture differences and even customizable designs. Laser engraved rings can be on a classic dome or flat ring and the width does not commonly make a difference.

Classic Dome Rings: Classic dome rings consist of the classic wedding band styling that many consider to be the most traditional wedding band. Classic tungsten rings start at widths as low as 2mm and go as wide as 16mm for those that are seeking a large, heavy ring. Classic tungsten carbide rings can be in several finishes such as brushed, Florentine, polished, colored and a dual finish where two finishes compliment the ring for a unique look.

Classic Flat Bands: Flat tungsten bands can be just as popular as dome bands where the style is very simple but the shape is flat to the finger, almost resembling a pipe cut. Flat bands commonly come in widths as low as 2mm and go all the way to a 16mm. The same finishes apply to a flat band as the classic dome. Flat bands are as popular for women as they are for men.

Unique Carved Tungsten Rings: Carved tungsten rings are fairly new to the tungsten ring market. There are two types of carved tungsten rings, raised carvings and traditional carvings. Brushed Raised facet carved tungsten rings have a design that raises up off the surface whereas the traditional carving are deeper set in the surface of the ring. Carved designs will typically be found on a flat tungsten band.

Tungsten Bands Burnished with Diamonds: Tungsten rings with diamonds are still only manufactured in very simple styles due to the difficulty of the tungsten carbide metal. Diamonds and gemstones are burnished flush into the surface of the ring set with a simple bezel. At this time small diamonds and gemstones are used so that the durability of the ring is not jeopardized. Tungsten diamond bands are popular among men and women to use as a wedding band.

Colored Tungsten Wedding Rings: Colored tungsten rings are commonly manufactured in black and gold. The plating can be set onto both a classic dome and flat band. The plating can also be plated to any width making colored rings really popular among both men and women. However being that the coloring is only a plated over time the ring is susceptible to scratching and fading on the surface. Most manufacturing companies should be able to replate this under a warranty or for a nominal fee.

6 Classic Wedding Band Styles your Groom Won’t Want to Take Off
Whatever style of tungsten ring that you are shopping for the benefits will greatly outdo the negatives. Tungsten carbide bands are durable, beautiful and will last a lifetime. Also the low costs of tungsten help make this purchase a smart one especially when economic times are tough.

Last Updated: July 8, 2017

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