5 Wedding Band Trends for Men

5 Wedding Band Trends for Men

Black tungsten rings have been popular for many years with those that want a unique that matches their individual style.   Black rings not only will stand out and get people talking but it will also be a fashion forward choice that men will be sure not to regret. Please note that black tungsten wedding bands must be handled with care as the black surface is plated and can scratch over time.

Sculpted Tungsten Ring
Masculine wedding bands consist of rings that may be slightly nontraditional but matches the fashion of the person wearing the ring. Popular rings we carry for this purpose are the diamond plate tungsten ring, the bestselling camouflage ring commonly worn by Military professionals and families, tungsten spinner rings and carved tungsten wedding bands. Any of these styles can be worn as wedding bands or fashion ring and the quality will last a lifetime.

16mm Flat Tungsten Rings
Wide width rings are available in both traditional and nontraditional wedding band styles for men. Wide width rings consist of any width over a 10mm and are typically worn by men with large hands. Wide Rings are a definite fashion statement and not everyone can easily wear such a large ring. The majority that will find a wide wedding band comfortable to wear must have large hands and long fingers to allow the ring to sit comfortably past the knuckle. Wide rings are still manufactured as a comfort fit so if a wide ring can be pulled off then the wear will be a comfortable one.

Flat 9mm Claddagh Beveled Tungsten Rings
Claddagh rings are no longer just for women and have proven to be popular with men as well and especially when worn as a couple. Forever Metals takes pride in our Claddagh ring collection and we promise to deliver a ring for every taste and budget. We carry Claddagh rings from basic, simple style to more intricate styles that will be proven to turn heads.

Redwood Wood Tungsten Ring
Men love our wood inlay rings. The classic tungsten wedding band with a genuine redwood inlay is a classic combination of both durable and masculine. The tungsten high polished finish really looks great against the rich colors of the wood and this is a style that is manufactured to last a lifetime.

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