3 Best Wedding Band Ideas

3 Best Wedding Band Ideas

3 best wedding band ideas. Classic tungsten rings are emerging in the market as a wedding band and fashion ring of choice. Tungsten carbide rings come in many styles from your classic dome ring style to a more unique laser engraved or carved style. Carbide rings have increased in popularity due to their virtually indestructible nature of the metal. Both men and women have now realized that a reasonably priced ring or wedding band that is beautiful yet durable is more valuable to represent the ring they plan to wear the rest of their lives.

Black tungsten rings have increased in advertising as the trendy wedding band or fashion ring worn by both men and women. Black rings suit individuals style when what they were seeking was something different from the classic band. Black rings stand out being noticed by most people. Black tungsten rings are coated with zirconium. Zirconium is a strong metal that resembles titanium, very durable however not being as scratch resistant as a pure tungsten carbide ring.

Men’s black faceted tungsten rings and wedding bands come in many design possibilities including a simple polished finish on a classic dome or flat band, laser engraved with designs and now just recently a black brushed finish. Black tungsten wedding rings even accompany the standard colored metal to create a beautiful dual toned finish. Dual toned finishes are popular for those who want a very different and unique ring. Black Celtic tungsten rings have also emerged as a popular fashion jewelry accessory. Black tungsten rings allow the Celtic laser engraving to contrast well and stand out from the ring.

Best wedding band ideas are determined by individuals personalizing their own ideas on emerging long lasting classic rings. Markets are determined by styles of choice. Browse the collections from classic tungsten rings to personalized laser engraved styles.

Last Updated: August 2, 2017

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