2015 Tungsten Ring Trends

2015 Tungsten Ring Trends

Weddings symbolize a time of love. A time of togetherness. A time to bring family together. A time to party the night away with music, food and drink. Weddings are expensive. Planning a wedding is a time when two people join together to plan a night that they will remember for the rest of their lives. A budget is necessary in many cases to keep the couple on target for what is affordable in their budget. It is inevitable that almost every aspect of the wedding is a setback. The rings do not have to set your budget back. Forever Metals promises to deliver the best to their customers. Focusing on a high quality ring at prices most can afford is what the company is about. Here is a compiled list of the best sellers in tungsten carbide, white tungsten and cobalt chrome. Luxury and quality do not need to be at a high price. Luxury and quality is a durable ring in a beautiful style that is guaranteed for life. Here is the 2015 tungsten ring Hot List.

The Crux Cross ring symbolizes luxury in durable tungsten carbide.  The high polished finish with laser engraved design creates a sleek two tone finish.  Tungsten carbide is a great alternative to both white gold and platinum at a much more appealing cost.

The Claddagh Ring is an iconic symbol for togetherness.  This design features the Celtic heart and hands along with knot work circling the ring.  The Claddagh comes in multiple widths and finished to allow for both men and women to comfortably wear this style.

White Tungsten is the ideal alternative to platinum.  The Pantheon features a hand hammered surface along with a step down edge to create a ring that looks like it costs a lot more than it actually is.

Cobalt chrome rings are also a great alternative to precious metal.  Cobalt chrome comes in limitless style possibilities as would gold or platinum.  Starting at just $99 purchasing a cobalt chrome ring would do wonders for the wedding budget.

Black tungsten is a fashionable choice for those that want a ring that stands out in a crowd.  Black tungsten comes in many style options and perfect for men and women.

Shop with confidence when choosing a satin brushed tungsten rings.  To learn more about this great metal please check out the education center located at the top of each web page.  Forever Metals offers  competitive returns and exchanges along with a lifetime guarantee that far surpasses other companies.

Written 9.14.2015 by Christine Camphausen

Last Updated: October 2, 2018

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